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Watermark Printing Services and the Environment Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet.

Great Idea Graphics recognizes the role we all play in helping our
communities and our world in creating a future that is friendly.

That is why we pride ourselves in our committment to the environment by:

-Purchasing our materials from companies that adhere to Certified Forest Managment Practices

-Promoting corporate responsibility on all our products

-Maximizing our use of recycled fibres

-Continually refining our product design to maximize efficiency while minimizing waste

-Reducing our volume of waste by over 15% each year by reusing previously wasted materials

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For tomorrow's future
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Watermark Printing Services / Great Idea Graphics has been a major supplier to this company for a number of years. We go back to them because of their consistent quality and the attention to detail that they provide and that we feel is necessary when we want to put our name in front of our own customers. We rely on Watermark Printing Services / Great Idea Graphics for our cheques, invoices and all manner of corporate documentation and are happy to recommend their services.

Jim Mc Donald
Motor Coils Mfg. Ltd.

I have been working with Watermark Printing Services / Great Idea Graphics on a number of different projects over the years and I have always been very impressed at how accurately and efficiently they can represent my vision from idea to finished product, regardless of the timeline! The staff is a pleasure to work with- there is an open and comfortable dialogue throughout the entire process, which puts me at ease as the customer. I plan to continue to use Watermark for all my printing and graphic design needs!

Elaine De Kroon

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